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5 Inch Custom Chenille Patch with Embroidery

Base Price: $23.99

If you are an individual who wishes to purchase custom chenille letters, patches, or other letterman jacket and varsity jacket awards, you can do that at our Mount Olympus Awards site (there are no minimums for individuals ordering there). This is our wholesale site, MOA Team Supply, which offers huge quantity discounts for schools, corporations, organizations, and teams. Our wholesale site does require minimum quantities.

Quantity Discounts

12 to 23$23.99
24 to 47$16.99
48 or more$13.99

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5 Inch Custom Chenille Patches with Embroidery

Custom Chenille Embroidered Team PatchesThese custom chenille patches can be ordered plain or with embroidery.  Each of our custom chenille patches on two layers of high quality scrim felt to create a stunning, layered look and make the product more durable.  We can design jacket patches in almost any size you want for your team or club's varsity jacket or letter sweater, so if you want something larger or smaller, see all of our wholesale custom chenille patches or contact us.  
The quantity discounts shown are only for patches where the embroidery and patch colors are identical and match.  If you want different embroidery on each patch but your colors still match, your order will be modified so that the price for each patch will be the wholesale price shown on the lowest quantity discount (6-11 patches) no matter how many units you order.  The reason identical patches receive a bigger wholesale price break because we can utilize larger automated machinery in the manufacturing process, saving time, labor, and other costs, which we pass on to you.  

Please note that if you want to insert a line break into your embroidered text on each patch, use the asterisk symbol (*) and we will do our best to accomodate your request.  For instance, if you had a patch that said "Regional Champions * 2010" we would put Regional Champions on the first line and 2010 on the second line of embroidery in the custom chenille patch.  It's not always possible to honor these requests due to size limitations on the text characters, but most of the time, we can work with you to achieve a specific layout.

More than 90% of the custom chenille patches we sell are 4 inch or 5 inch in size.
  If you have additional questions, you can contact us through Live Chat, email, fax, or phone.  If you wish, we invite you to take a moment to read How to Design a Custom Chenille for additional pointers and help.

Custom Chenille Patches with Embroidery Highlights

These jacket patches can be custom designed to your specifications.  The most popular size choices are 4 inches and 5 inches, although many of our customers prefer to order much larger patches for activities about which they are passionate or for special order patches (if so, contact us because we can manufacture most sizes even if they aren't shown on our team supply site or in our catalog). 

  • The highest quality premium acrylic yarn and scrim felt is used in the manufacturing process of your custom chenille embroidered award patches and to ensure the longevity of your product.
  • During the manufacturing process, our factories add an extra layer of protective backing to each chenille patch to help increase the lifespan and sturdiness of your product. Although this represents more costs for us, we do it because we understand that when people spend their money, quality, combined with speed of delivery, is the most important thing we can offer.
  • Our affiliated custom chenille and embroidery factories have consistently been the fastest delivering patch manufacturer in the industry for the past ten years, often able to produce large quantity orders in as little as two weeks thanks to our proprietary design and creation process. During the holiday season, many other chenille companies push delivery of chenille patches to 6-8 weeks. We aspire to ship finished goods within 2-4 weeks at no additional cost to you.
  • If you are ordering a varsity jacket, you can have us ship this custom chenille patch unattached or have it sewn onto the jacket.  You can find information on sewing service on the page where you purchase your team letterman jacket.
  • As with all custom chenille products, these patches are dry-clean only. Never wash them in a traditional washing machine.
  • With thousands of possible size, color, and personalization options, the only limit to creating the perfect chenille patch with embroidery is your imagination!