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The 6 Most Popular Items on Every Varsity Letterman Jacket

Nearly every letterman jacket we sell has six basic items placed on it by customers.  The number of items will vary depending upon the activities and accomplishment of a particular student, your budget, and regional traditions.

1.) A custom varsity letter for achievements such as making the high choir, the varsity football team, or another comparable accomplishment.
2.) Your first or last name as a 3x2"
custom chenille name patch (e.g., "Lydia")
3.) Your school name as a 3x2"
custom chenille name patch (e.g., "Wildcats")
4.) A mascot jacket patch. If, for example, you are the Lawrenceville Tigers, you would have a tiger mascot on your varsity jacket.
5.) A number patch representing the expected date of graduation or player jersey number.
6.) Letterman jacket patches such as music patches, sports patches, a track foot, etc. that represents extracurricular activities.

If you need help ordering each of these products, you can read How to Design and Order Custom Chenille Patches.  It will explain the meaning of all the terms such as top felt, bottom felt, and chenille.