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Brown Letter Sweater / Varsity Sweater

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Base Price: From $89.95 to $109.95


Need help choosing a size for your varsity sweater or letter sweater? Scroll down for instructions! If you do not want any customization, then you can add this varsity sweater to your cart by entering the quantity and pressing the Add to Cart button. If, however, you wish for us to personalize the sweater by adding embroidery or want to have items sewn onto it such as sports patches or a varsity letter, you need to scroll down and continue filling out the rest of this page. Then, you can come back up here and press the Add to Cart button.

Brown Letter Sweater Details

These brown letter sweaters and varsity sweaters are ideal for private schools, academies, social and academic clubs, cheerleading squads, or other institutions. Made of 100% quality acrylic material, the unisex sweaters are durable, attractive, and have been a sign of accomplishment for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to championship sports teams.

If you want to order this varsity sweater or letter sweater plain, shipping will usually take only 24 to 48 hours if in stock.  If it is not in stock or your have chosen personalization options for the sweaters, it will be manufactured from scratch according to your specifications and shipped within 4-5 weeks.

If you are ordering custom chenille varsity letters, patches, emblems, and numbers from us, you can also add sewing service to have them attached to your letter sweater. For help ordering your letter sweater or varsity sweater, read our free tutorial.

More About This Brown Varsity Sweater

  • Premium 100% acrylic yarn is used in the manufacturing process for long-lasting quality
  • Attractive over-sized traditional style button-up front with matching color buttons standard on each varsity sweater or letter sweater
  • Each varsity sweater and letter sweater includes two front-pockets
  • These varsity sweaters are manufactured in the United States
  Our Varsity Jackets are Made in the USAIn an effort to support the United States, we have made a decision to sell only high quality varsity sweaters and letter sweaters manufactured with pride by American workers in American factories.



How to Choose Your Varsity Sweater or Letter Sweater Size

Choosing your letter sweater size is easy! We've created this great reference chart to show you which size is appropriate for your body size, height, and weight. The measurements are in inches.
Varsity Sweater and Letter Sweater Size Chart
If you are placing a team order, please choose "Team / Group Order" in the Size section below and either include a list of the sizes you need in the comments section during checkout or email it to our customer service department at For example, if you wanted to order 100 varsity sweaters or letter sweaters to take advantage of our quantity discounts, simply put 100 in the quantity box above, and for size, choose "Team / Group Order".  During checkout, indicate how many sweaters you want in each size, such as 30 X-Large, 50 Large, and 20 Medium, by writing us a quick message in the comments section.  On team orders, we will typically call to verify your information before processing.

Optional Varsity Sweater / Letter Sweater Personalization Choices

If you want to personalize this varsity sweater, answer the following questions. Otherwise, you can skip this section and press the "Add to Cart" button at the top of this page. Please note that any time you add personalization to a stock varsity sweater, your sweater needs to be customized by our staff. This means that we can't ship your stock letter sweater in 24-48 hours as usual. Instead, it will take 2-4 weeks, on average, which puts us among the fastest custom sweater companies in the United States.

1. If You Ordered Custom Patches, Varsity Letters, or Awards During Your Visit To Our Site, Would You Like Us to Sew Them Onto This Varsity Sweater? If So, How Many Items Do You Need Sewn?
2. If You Chose Sewing Service in Question 1, Tell Us Where You Want Everything Sewn Onto This Sweater. Otherwise, Leave This Section Blank and Press "Add to Cart". Congratulations! You're Done
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3. Would you like Chest Embroidery
Location of Chest Embroidery
Font Style
Embroidery Color
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Now that you have finished selecting your personalization options for this varsity sweater / letter sweater, scroll back up the page and press the "Add to Cart" button.