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Captain Swiss Insert

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If you are an individual who wishes to purchase custom chenille letters, patches, or other letterman jacket and varsity jacket awards, you can do that at our Mount Olympus Awards site (there are no minimums for individuals ordering there). This is our wholesale site, MOA Team Supply, which offers huge quantity discounts for schools, corporations, organizations, and teams. Our wholesale site does require minimum quantities.

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Varsity Letter with Embroidered Swiss Inserts Varsity Letter with Swiss Inserts and Sports PinsProduct Details
Embroidered swiss inserts are often added to varsity letters or jacket patches to show the activities in which someone has participated.  They can be customized to compliment virtually any jacket color and are very affordable.  To provide an example of some of the work we've done in the past, to the right, you'll see a custom varsity letter that has three embroidered swiss inserts sewn onto it: a basketball, a two bar insert, and a winged track foot.  These have all been designed with maroon embroidery on white felt.  (Please note that the varsity letter itself is not included in the purchase of a swiss insert; you'd need to already have that from your school or purchase from us.)  

Another idea is to mix and match swiss inserts with sports pins (sometimes called letter pins in certain parts of the country).  These can be added to any existing letter with ease by simply pushing it through the material and attaching the included pin on the backside.  We offer a variety of sports pins and mascot letter pins, almost all of which come in a beautiful gold color or deep bronze color.  

As with virtually all of the products at MOA Team Supply, there are low minimums on these embroidered swiss inserts.  You can design and purchase only a handful or thousands depending on your needs.  If you have questions, or need assistance in designing the perfect insert for your patch, varsity letter, or other product, contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions or walk you through the process.  

More About This Embroidered Swiss Insert

  • Each embroidered swiss insert measures approximately 1 inch in size.
  • There are low minimums on our custom swiss insert, sports pins, or varsity letter products!
  • If you are ordering your sports patches, varsity letters, or other products from us, you can have us attach these embroidered swiss inserts or ship them loose.  There is no extra charge if you want us to attach them to a product you are ordering from us.
  • We allow you to choose among thousands of potential color combinations when designing your embroidered swiss insert.
  • Our Varsity Letters are Made in the USAIn an effort to support the United States, we have made a decision to sell only high quality embroidered swiss inserts manufactured with pride by American workers in American chenille and embroidery factories. Some of our competitors utilize offshore labor and then attempt to pass the imported award letters off as comparable quality. That's not how we want to do business. Thanks to our unique low-cost business model, our factories are often able to beat their prices despite paying above-average wages to production workers.
  • As with all custom swiss inserts, these products are dry-clean only. Never wash them in a traditional washing machine.