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Double Felt Dimensional Varsity Letters

As a leading provider of varsity letters and chenille award letters to schools, teams, institutions, corporations, clubs, and other organizations, MOA Team Supply can help you save money and get faster delivery.  We have worked with tens of thousands of customers and become one of the most recognized and celebrated names in the letterman jacket industry thanks to our customer service record.  From this page, you can customize and order double felt varsity letters.
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Double Felt Dimensional Varsity Letters Made in the USA Pricing
Double Felt Economy Dimensional Varsity Letter Made Overseas Pricing

Customize Your Varsity Letter and Submit Your Order Online

When you are ready to begin customizing your varsity letters, you can order from this page. If you need assistance, you can call, email, or live chat with MOA Team Supply and we can walk you through the entire process. As one of the nation's leading varsity letter suppliers to schools, team dealers, and other buyers, MOA Team Supply would love to add you to the tens of thousands of satisfied customers we've served.

Current manufacturing time for varsity letters is 3 to 4 weeks.

Step 1: Basic Varsity Letter Options

Premium vs. Economy Letters To help you save money on your wholesale varsity letters, we offer you two options: 1.) You can have your varsity letters made in the USA in an American-owned and operated factory with higher grade materials (we call this our "Premium" varsity letter) or 2.) You can have your varsity letters made in overseas factories, sewn by hand, with less expensive materials (we call this our "Economy" varsity letter). Economy varsity letters are comparable to most imported letters. For more information, read Premium vs. Economy Varsity Letters.

Please select your product details including size, your manufacturing and quality preference, and the discount tier upon which you will fall based upon the total quantity you are ordering.

Discount Tier:
Base Price: From $2.76 to $14.88

Important: If you select a discount tier that doesn't match your actual quantity ordered (e.g., you choose "Tier 8" for 1,000 or more varsity letters, yet you only order 250 varsity letters), you agree that we will adjust your order and bill you for the difference. Imported varsity letters must be ordered in minimum quantities of 50 or more. Made in the USA varsity letters can be ordered in minimum quantities of 12 or more.

Step 2: Personalization and Customization Options for Your Varsity Letters

Now, tell us how you want your varsity letter chenille awards manufactured. If you need help understanding what each item means, read our free tutorial Ordering Chenille Awards 101.

Important: Some colors are only available for Premium (made in the USA) varsity letters. These have been marked in the drop-down menus and are not available if you order Economy (made overseas) varsity letters. Also, colors marked with an asterisk are not the same for Premium varsity letters and Economy varsity letters because the overseas factories we utilize for production have different wool and yarn dyes than the domestic factories that make our products here in the United States.

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