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Designing Custom Chenilles for Your Varsity Jacket or Letterman Jacket

The Custom Letterman Jacket Checklist

Almost all of the letterman jacket and varsity jackets we sell have six basic requisites. In most cases, they are designed to match the color of the organization, team, school, university, or corporation to which the purchaser belongs. They are:

1.) A custom varsity letter for achievements such as making the high choir, the varsity football team, or another comparable accomplishment.
2.) Your first or last name as a 3x2"
custom chenille name patch (e.g., "Lydia")
3.) Your school name as a 3x2"
custom chenille name patch (e.g., "Wildcats")
4.) A mascot jacket patch. If, for example, you are the Lawrenceville Tigers, you would have a tiger mascot on your varsity jacket.
5.) A number patch representing the expected date of graduation or player jersey number.
6.) Letterman jacket patches such as music patches, sports patches, a track foot, etc. that represents extracurricular activities.

Each product contains an in-depth, step-by-step explanation of how to order it so we won't cover that in this tutorial. There are, however, a few all-important concepts that you need to know before you design your custom chenilles. We recommend you use this page as a reference when ordering.

custom chenille patches

All chenilles comes in either single felt or double felt. Double felt names traditionally cost a bit more but cause the product to be sturdier and have a much cleaner and more professional look. This example, the custom chenille name "Koppe", is double felt. The bottom felt layer (letter "A") is black. The top felt layer (letter "B") is white. The chenille part of the design is the name "Koppe" (letter "C") and is shown in Kelly Green.

Border Options
By default, all chenilles come with chain stitch matching the chenille color you select. The chain stitch refers to the tight border that surrounds the lettering. If, for example, you look closely at the name "Koppe", you'll see the entire name is surrounded with a tiny outline that keeps the letters neat and clean.

Normally, this border matches the color of the chenille itself. Some of our customers, however, prefer to add a contrasting color to exert their individuality. You could, for example, outline the above name in purple (it may not match, but hey... who are we to limit your expression?!). If you choose to add a contrasting border you must specify if you want it sewn in the traditional chain stitch pattern or in what is known as a chenille border, which is fat and plush. For example, the chenille name on the left ("Track") features a contrasting chain border. The chenille name on the right ("Bryce") features a contrasting chenille border.

custom chenille borders

A good rule of thumb: If in doubt, do not select a contrasting border of any kind!

Standard Sizes
Not sure which size is right for your custom chenille? This handy chart should help. All chenilles are measured from the longest point, tip to tip, either horizontal or vertical, but not diagonal. Felt is not included in this measurement; only the chenille itself.

Chenille Names: There are two sizes: 2x1" letters are traditionally worn on the pocket of a letterman jacket. The 3x2" letter size, however, is the one traditionally featured on the back of a letterman jacket or cheerleading sweater and constitutes a vast majority of the chenille names sold in North America.

Chenille Letters: Chenille letters can be made in almost any size ranging from 2" to 12". Over 95% of all the letterman jacket letters we sell are 6 inches in size. (Please note that we also sell a large number of 10" letters for people who want them for a shadow box or to sew onto a blanket.)

Chenille Mascots and Emblems: Chenille mascots and emblems are available in sizes ranging from 4" to 12" depending upon the individual design. Virtually all of the mascots we sell are 8" in size.